A Memory for Bridesmaids to Keep For Ever...

When the bride thinks about special gifts for bridesmaids, she wants to present a special memory to her best friends, who will stand by her side at the wedding and in life. Brides are choosing to buy their bridesmaids coordinating special jewelry to wear at the wedding day. This new tradition has become a common trend over the past few years and will continue in 2024. Not only does it secure the bridesmaids look polished, but assures everyone's jewelry accessories accent their dresses and look cohesive.

Jewelry is a very special gift that shows how much the bride cherishes and appreciates her best friends standing by her side on her big day. If you choose a pendant, earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, giving the gift of real 14K or 18K jewelry is a gracious way to show your appreciation for all that your friends do throughout the wedding process.

The history of bridesmaids is interesting and a bit scary, considering they were responsible for everything from warding away evil spirits to catching shoes and bouquets. According to Wedding Wire, "Back in biblical times, bridesmaids were not necessarily friends or relatives, they were actually domestic workers who catered to the bride’s every need during the wedding day." Today we choose our best friends and relatives to stand by our sides, not individuals who work for the bride, but individuals who are their to support their family or friend.

Keeping your bridesmaids gifts within budget when giving jewelry is not as difficult as you would expect. Colored gemstones or pave diamonds at lower prices points are available in real gold jewelry. You can choose a pave rectangle hoop earring that will go with every dress and look elegant for $200 plus. Or you can choose a pair of inside-outside hoops fro $595. It's also important to consider pieces that your bridesmaids will want to wear again, long after the wedding day is over. At the end of the day, you will end up spending at least $200 on a gift, so why not make it meaningful and special for your bridesmaids.

A special token to show your appreciation that your friends will have forever is a much better option that the simple traditional gift that often times goes by the wayside once the wedding is over. The traditional bridesmaids wearing the same dresses is a thing of the past, now according to a survey conducted by Vogue Weddings and Anthropologie, "only 7% of brides subject their bridesmaids to the misery that is matching dresses. While 46% of brides keep the looks worn by their bridal party within a cohesive color family, 43% opt for one color, and 34% use the same fabric—very few brides today are forcing adults of different shapes and sizes to wear the same dress." The same goes for the traditional bridesmaid gift that often times goes by the wayside right after the wedding, brides are now opting for that special gift that can be worn in the wedding and becomes a cherished piece worn for years to come.

Popular bridesmaids gifts are the thick gold hoops, they are a nice accent piece for wedding attire and earrings that will be worn long after the event. An initial charm in diamonds either tiny, medium or large is also a very popular gift and becoming more and more popular. Which ever piece or pieces you decide upon for your bridesmaids will be a special treat that they will have as a keepsake that represents your special day.




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