Hottest Jewelry Trends For Summer 2024

Summer is filled with a mix of boho chic and elegance combined with a fun balance of pendants, beads, and multi-strand necklaces. Almost a turn back in time to mid 2005 according to Vogue's 2024 jewelry trends. Moving back to a comfortable look with real gold, diamonds, and gemstones

Beaded necklaces with pendants what are meaningful and personal touch of you favorite things--animals, fish, stars, and personal favorites. Chains with charms, all layered together with a classic or modern tennis necklace. We are still trying to feel a "non-pandemic" life with our jewelry symbolizing wholeness, infinity, hope, love, and life without restriction. The toe rings and anklets of the early 2000's are back, have fun by stacking and layering them.

We are seeing emerald jewelry more than ever before. Emeralds have made a huge surge the past few years, but now we are seeing the demand for the stones become even greater. The MET Gala was dripping with emerald jewelry, on everyone from Cardi B, Eiza González Rivera, to Zendaya and Demi Moore. 

Spiritual motifs are at the top of the must have list for Summer 2024. Crosses of all colors, shapes, and sizes on thin or link chains. The Star of David in colored gemstones and diamonds is one of our best sellers.

Charms & Pendants Pink Sapphire Emerald & Asscher Cut Cross  in Solid 18K Gold

Bring on the colored gemstones, especially pink sapphires and blue sapphires or topaz for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Mix them with diamonds and gold for the ultimate summer look. Colored gemstones make you feel vibrant and powerful to get you through the ups and downs of this incredible year of change for the positive.

According to Elle, this years jewelry is inspired by concepts that encourage us to look to the future. No matter where the new year will take you, be sure you’re decked out in your favorite sparkly, shiny pieces to get you through the ups and downs. Ahead, shop our favorite jewelry trends to keep with you along the way.

Although we love watches, we have all turned to our cell phones to monitor the time. So if you want to keep up with the times, keep an eye on your phone’s clock and ditch the practicality of a wristwatch and replace it with a stack of stretch diamond tennis bracelets. Comfort and elegance are the wave of the future and at the forefront are our stretch bracelets and rings. You can wear them anywhere and not worry about the on and off with a difficult to secure clasp, you just slide them off and on. 

Bracelets 18K Gold Stretch & Stack Orange Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, 2.25-8.58 Carats

Make an appointment with us to shop your 2024 summer highlights, we are here to walk you through with a personal experience like no other. 



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