It's Now About Colorful Weddings & Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

For all those thinking about getting married in 2024-- Congratulations, you’re in for an incredible journey! 2024 is already trending toward colorful weddings, all the way down to the engagement rings.

From vibrant colored gemstones, to bold floral arrangements, to unconventional wedding dresses for both the bride and the bridesmaids--2024 sets out to be the year for color and personal expression when it comes to tying the knot. One trend, in particular, is stealing the spotlight at the moment– colorful engagement rings, especially pink sapphire rings and pink sapphires mixed with diamond rings. We will still see 250 person weddings, but the trend, according to Vogue, is more intimate, personal, and meaningful microweddings.

Hopefully we have some fun inspirational trends to get your mind thinking about your big day.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

Traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings have been the go-to choice for engagement rings for decades, lavish round brilliant stones have been the center stone for hollywood's biggest stars and the world's royalty. The trend is shifting as more and more brides to be are opting for the distinctive allure of colored gemstones. Engagement rings with pink sapphire or emerald center stones are capturing couples eyes as they choose a stone and a ring style. "The likes of being different, stepping outside of the box, and going for color is exciting."--our bride to be.

The exquisite pink sapphires are not only stunning, but also represent love, elegance, compassion, power, strength, and wise judgment. If you’re in the market for a gorgeous pink sapphire ring, there are a few tips to follow when choosing the right sapphire. The color impacts the quality, so look for a saturated pink hue that's not too light or too dark. The color comes down to personal preference, when it comes to dark and light pink sapphires. Our pink sapphires are excellent and sourced in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. 

Diamonds are timeless, durable, and always a great choice for an engagement ring. If you’d like a move away from the norm of diamonds, a pink sapphire or colored gemstone is an excellent choice for your engagement for a change of pace for your engagement ring.

Right now, the movement of colored gemstone engagement rings is leading the way for 2024 brides to be. While white diamonds are gorgeous and timeless, more couples are opting for the vibrant color of gems like pink and blue sapphires, emeralds, blue topaz, and aquamarine gemstones to bringing uniqueness and a personalized spark of style to their engagement rings.

Love and elegance with Sapphires, representing power with strength and wisdom, all brought in to the latest wedding ring designs. Sapphires are a classic stone that expresses personality and unique style and has been used in engagment rings as side and center stones for decades.

The mystique of Emeralds which symbolize vitality, serenity, and growth, are a must for soon to be engaged couples today. The emerald is one of the most popular stones over the past few years, with their fascinating green hues enhancing any style of engagement ring. Our emeralds are mainly sourced in Brazil.

Passion and Heat with Mozambique Rubies filled with passion, fire, and strength, are an excellent choice for expressing true love and emotion. Their vibrant red color that illuminates in every light makes rubies a unique and expressive choice when it comes to engagement rings. And of course, this last fall, Hailey Beiber made rubies the colored gemstone of choice with her red dress and ruby jewelry.

The fire and natural beauty of opals represent elegance and grace, along with a little spice, are an expressive choice for a engagement ring's center stone. The opal reflects and embraces light like no other stone, releasing it's fire with every twist and turn.

Bringing Vibrant Color into Wedding Attire

According to What that Wedding, white and ivory wedding dresses are no longer "a thing." It has turned to colorful gowns in soft blush pinks, misty blues, pastels, bright lavenders, and many floral designs are the hit for bridal dresses today. This trend is allowing brides to express their emotions and their style and not stick to the white wedding dress.

Bridesmaids are no longer stuck with that "ugly dress that they have to buy" but moving to--"wear a dress in the lavender hue, bright blue color hue, or blush pink color way that makes you feel fabulous." This makes for very fun and vibrant photos along with great memories. When a bridesmaid feels good in her dress, it changes the entire wedding party.

Micro Weddings are Here for 2024

Big wedding and grandiose celebrations are always going to be popular for those who need them, but they lack intimacy and personalization. This is why more and more couples are choosing to celebrate with a select group of friends and family in a smaller venue, focusing on an intimate quality event.

This trend allows for more personalized touches, meaningful interactions, and a stress-free celebration. As a bonus, it’s much cheaper to throw a smaller wedding, which often has no more than 50 people, tops, than a grand one with over 100 invites.

But there’s another reason micro or smaller weddings are trending: sustainability. No, for many couples, this is not just a buzzword, but a conscious decision to reduce their environmental impact. Smaller weddings mean less food and drink and, consequently, less waste.

Destinations are becoming more and more popular as couples decide to get away for the big day and bring their family and select friends to a beautiful resort or city that is special to their relationship.

Color in Flowers and Decor

Turning from the typical basic choice of two colors for the weddings to choosing many colors and vibrant ones at that--this is where weddings are moving for 2024. Make your wedding fun, bold, and personal. One of our brides chose a beautiful asscher cut pink sapphire surrounded by diamond trillions on the sides. Her wedding was filled with a tasteful bubblegum pink with white florals and wedding elements highlighted in lavenders and blues to enhance the experience.

Bring it on bold and filled with personal expression to make your special day just perfect for the two of you. Your guests will experience the time of their lives filled with exuberance and joy.

Enjoy your wedding planning, make it your own, and don't be afraid to be bold. Make an appointment with us to design your perfect ring at the best price.


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