Jewelry Styles to Wear for Summer

While jewelry styles go in and out style fairly regularly, diamonds and fine jewelry should be on style trend but timeless. More importantly, should be worn no matter what situation or up and down is going on in your life. We often times wear jewelry when things are going well, we need to wear jewelry all the time. All because jewelry bring happiness, makes you feel good, and adds a sparkle to your step. 

Jewelry is an investment that will hold its value--whether you buy yourself a special treat on an occasion or a reward for an accomplishment. When someone surprises you with a bobble, it makes you feel amazing. Buying jewelry doesn't have to be for a special occasion, let's face it, buying diamonds and jewelry is enjoyable and a thrill anytime of the year.

Most women are in love with jewelry and have been most of their lives. The old saying, diamonds are a girls best friend, in completely true.  I remember the beautiful tennis bracelet my husband gave me when I had my first child, the memories and the story behind it comes to life every time I wear it. When thinking about purchasing a bobble, we always want to know the current trends.At AN Diamonds, we like to stay away from fast fashion and stick with buying jewelry that is trending, but will last.

We love a trend that evolves over time and is here to stay, which is what we are seeing on this year's runways when it comes to pearl jewelry. The pearls are now bolder and can be seen in our latest creation of mixing diamonds with pearls in our "Splash of Diamonds Collection".  Summer 2024 are decidedly more bold, each piece has gorgeous diamonds inset into the pearls. These champagne pearls below glisten with every light reflection.

Winter has come to a close, we're about to change seasons to summer, so what are the new current fine-jewelry trends, in case you happen to be looking to purchase a piece, big or small.

A mix of bold and delicate yellow gold are continuing in popularity, with a push towards the chunkier gold chains. A thicker gold chain combined with a delicate gold chain that holds a charm with meaning is what is hot for our next season. Coupling or stacking a thick gold chain with a tennis necklace and or a delicate piece. Layers are still going strong, so stack them on, just make them a mix of bold and delicate.

Because we are taking out the middleman and allowing our customers to avoid the retail markups, working one on one to create or modify a piece to fit exactly what you are looking for is more and more common. The opportunity to make something uniquely yours makes for an heirloom that can be passed down to relatives or loved ones--whether that is a small pair of earrings or a bold statement piece. Personalizing some of our collections with engraving or a special stone is an option to make your jewelry more personal and represent you and your style.

Colored gemstones are number one must have for spring and summer. A mini eternity band in pink sapphires, ombre pink sapphires and diamonds, or any color of your choice should be on your list. These are not a flash trend, but are here to stay, they are pieces that you will wear and have forever. You can choose your birthstone or any color of the rainbow, a color that signifies something special for you.

Thick gold rings with a natural, non-smooth, or matte type finish with or without diamonds are more and more sought after by our clients. These rings can be worn everyday for casual or coupled with diamond bands for dressy occasions.

Yellow gold has made a move to the front of the pack over the last two to three years, now the classic rose gold is back and growing rapidly in popularity. We are seeing more and more customers move to rose gold from yellow gold, and we are seeing mixing of the two golds. The spring and summer will continue to bring back white gold too, as we see celebs and royalty going back to white gold and platinum.

Tennis necklaces and bracelets are only getting more attention as we are seeing new designs that make them just a bit more modern. Bezel setting around the stone is a beautiful highlight to the original tennis designs that originated int he 1970's. Of course our absolute favorite Stretch & Stack diamond and multi-color gemstone tennis bracelets are the best!




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