Jewelry Trend Update

One of the most prominent trends on all the runways is bold gold jewelry, we are seeing a "bolder is better" trend. So let's take a deep dive into the new bold looks that will complete your overall look. 

Sleek, sexy, eye-catching pieces in bright rainbow colors and vibrant hues were spotted everywhere on the runways during fashion month. The shift is from tiny, dainty necklaces and bracelets to bold and fun colorful statement pieces. Thick cuban chain necklaces are one of the hottest to accent both casual and dress attire. We have made these necklaces solid gold, but hollow on the inside to keep them light enough to wear and not weight you down, and more importantly--keeping the price reasonable. Mixing the thicker cuban chains with diamond tennis necklaces or Franco chains with charms makes for a current look for everyday elegance.

Bring your style and mood to a whole new level with sexy, sleek, dangly earrings for both day and night, coupled with stackable diamond bands or other sparkly colorful gems.  As clothing designers continue giving us fresh new looks that add an element of surprise and excitement to each season, jewelry does the same. We are pleased to move into the fall and winter with chunky gold and diamond jewelry that is real but affordable.




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