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Jewelry Trends--What is "IN" and what is "OUT"?

What is “in” is anything that makes you feel fabulous. What is “out” is anything that makes you feel less than fabulous.

First, let me say that your jewelry needs to make you feel good, no matter what, my thought is always to go with what brings you the most excitement, joy, and happiness for you and your look.  Some people can easily say they love this or they love that, but for many of us, it is tougher to decipher between your gut feeling and what feels “best for you.” So while you reed these current ins and outs, please keep in mind the most important thing is to keep your choices genuine to fit your own personal style. Right now our customers want something personal and meaningful—something to hold onto that makes them feel safe in uncertain times.

Tennis bracelets and necklaces are “in” and not leaving anytime soon.

With the continued popularity of Tennis and rising popularity of Pickleball, the classic tennis bracelet and necklace are back in fashion. My personal favorite piece to grab right now is one or more of my tennis bracelets, large or small—I love them, they make me feel awesome when I wear them off and on the courts. Mixing tennis bracelets with bangles or even thicker link chains looks beautiful to accessorize casual attire or evening wear. 

The tennis necklace is possibly an even bigger craze right now. I like layering tiny versions with larger thicker longer length tennis necklaces. At least one tennis necklace is a staple in my daily attire. Versions over the last few years are more daring in design with the mix of stones, cuts, types of gold, settings and clasps. Tennis bracelets and necklaces are pieces of jewelry, whatever your style, you should work into your daily rotation.

Yellow gold is “in” and so is tri-color, while rose gold is a classic, it is less popular now.

Many jewelry trends have died down in the past year, one is the movement from rose to yellow gold. Rose is still a classic. I would not get rid of your rose pieces, but 4-5 years ago it was the only color to wear, and now yellow has taken over. I am also liking the re-introduction of white gold or platinum, mixing the white in with one piece to change up the "all yellow craze" and get some variety. Remember, diamonds look best when set in white, even though I just love them in yellow at the moment. Recently, I rodium platted one of my platinum tennis bracelets in yellow gold to match my other bracelets and now I wear it everyday. The rodium will wear off, but it will be fun while it lasts. 


The late 80’s and 90’s tri-color gold (yellow, rose, and white) was one of the hottest trends, it is now back with a vengeance. Our new collections are featuring current versions of the tri-color cuban chains and rope chains, it is a completely different look that is spicing things up.

 Costume jewelry is “out” and timeless jewelry with meaning is “in.”

It is no longer about the quick costume jewelry trend, but more about the long game of timeless style. People are now looking for quality pieces that are durable and will last a long time. Popular jewelry that is “in” fashion today has to be real, bold, meaningful and/or have significance. For me, I want pieces of relevance that I can pass to my daughters one day—jewelry that is unique, fashionable, and timeless. We are currently creating collections that are anything but plain and boring designs. Our goal is for people to express themselves with our pieces and feel a sense of belonging to something special, a story, a memory, something personalized, and always made with beautiful craftsmanship.


In-store buying is moving “out” while on-line buying is “in” and taking over.

Since 2019, more and more people are buying all types of jewelry on-line, including high-end jewelry, even big-ticket items that formerly customers would want to try on before they handed over their credit card. Once the pandemic hit, jewelry was one of the consumer products that people continued to purchase, yes sales were down, but consumers still kept buying but moved to on-line. 


Have you noticed that many of the stores you frequent do not have a huge inventory? Even the fashion houses like Cartier, have limited styles and collections, so people are forced to go on-line to see the entire collections. On-line retailers have perfected their product presentation with higher quality photos, photos or videos with models wearing the jewelry, so you can see what it looks like on. All of this has pushed the consumer to get comfortable and trust on-line shopping more and more.


When jewelry designers sell in stores such as Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales, the store keeps 43% and higher of every sale. So the jewelry designer must mark their pieces up enough to pay the store and still make a profit. Each jewelry designer sells on their own website, so the prices on the website and in the stores have to be the same.  Hence, many retailers are moving to online sales only, so they can keep their prices lower for their customers. Consumers are now becoming aware of these facts and are getting more comfortable with buying on line. 


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