Latest News on Lab Grown Diamonds in Fall 2023

The discussions of lab grown diamonds are now unequivocally mainstream. Lab Grown Diamonds have made a major splash on the fine fashion jewelry scene. With  2023 being the year that lab grown diamond fine fashion jewelry hits big, and we should embrace these exquisite stones and enjoy their sustainability, their lack of irreversible environmental damage, and their favorable price tag.

Fine jewelry is has taken a turn as we see Jean Dousset, Louis Cartier's great grandson, release his new fine jewelry lab grown diamond line and open his new store in Beverly Hills. Let's face it, the stones are beautiful and indistinguishable from mined diamonds. Not to mention the fact that lab grown diamonds were the talk of the largest jewelry show this year, the JCK Show.

"A few years ago I was asked by a friend to make his engagement ring, but insisted on a lab grown diamond. I tried to talk him out of it and was unsuccessful. I then dove into deep research on what I thought were "fake diamonds." I was completely incorrect with my assessment, lab grown diamonds are not only real, but they are visually indistinguishable from mined diamonds. I located some of the best diamonds labs in the world and began the interview process. 

The perfect oval diamond was selected, located and delivered, the stone was beautiful. The setting was designed and the lab grown diamond set. Pave diamonds on the band with the single stone at center stage. I loved the ring and the lab diamonds so much, I designed and created our lab grown diamond collections with everything from diamond tennis necklaces and bracelets to unique rings and bespoke engagement rings.

I still love mined diamonds and many of our collections are designed using lab grown diamonds, but I do love the option of lab grown diamonds and 2 out of 3 engaged couples are choosing lab diamonds over mined diamonds. Yes, this is often due to the cost, but also the environmental and sustainability aspects of lab diamonds." Our designer, Sherri






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