Making a Difference with Every Purchase!

“Jewelry needs to come from the heart and make you feel fantastic when you wear it.” Designed to be more than just something you wear, each piece of jewelry should be a representation of your personality and an emblem of excitement for life, love and celebration. We are here to make a difference by helping and empowering women through collaborations with female non-profit organizations, giving a percentage every sale to help their cause. 

We started AN Diamonds & Jewelry to help women in need, those who have survived trauma and/or abuse. With 1 out of every 3 women experiencing trauma—Female domestic, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse along with sex trafficking are serious problems in our society. We all need to band together.

Our new AN Jewelry is launched and running! We are donating a % of every sale to help women, get them back on their feet, and gain their life back. Please join us, purchase a piece for yourself, for a friend, or loved one. 

Keeping it simple, timeless and affordable is the inspiration. AN’s goal is for you to be able to feel fabulous, give a gift, enjoy family, buy yourself something special, or celebrate a monumental moment with a memorable piece of jewelry.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so we ensure high quality service during your entire experience with us. We thank you for choosing AN.





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