New Twist to the Classic Tennis Bracelet

The trends of dainty, minimalistic jewelry are over. Todays jewelry lovers and the fashion-forward are embracing colorful gemstones and bold designs in significant pieces that showcase their individuality. Stacking and layering that once seemed "too much" is now an expression of personality and style. There’s a feeling of playfulness, even at the highest prices, as jewelry lovers express themselves through their designs and creativity with their jewelry selections. This brings us to stretchable bracelets that unite elegance and comfort in one incredible design. Consumers are asking for function and comfort right along with elegance and beauty, the introduction of tennis bracelets without clasps has just meet the needs of every consumer female and male.

Color is front and center in these modern stretch collections. Our designer is still using diamonds, but adding in other gems, layering colored gemstone pieces with diamond pieces--frequently using hues that enhance beauty in a creative way. Colored gemstones, both diamonds and colored gemstone rings are a perfect example of the current boldness of color. Bright pink sapphires and deep green emeralds are everywhere as well, especially pink sapphires mixed with diamonds and other colored gemstones, which have come to the forefront this fall and winter, well before any of the press from the resurgence of Barbie. 

Our designer is letting the pure beauty of yellow gold and rose gold highlight the diamonds, colored gemstones so they shine through in simple, yet interesting designs with stretch, a new and different flair to the traditional and ever so popular tennis bracelets. Not only are women wearing the traditional diamond tennis in a stretch version, but layering these bracelets with colored gemstones in all colors of the rainbow.

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