Jewelry and Fashion Unite--Pick your Jewelry or Your Outfit First?

Jewelers are thinking outside the box for 2024. Meaningful and expressive styles have taken the place of the routine chains and charms. Every red carpet presentation uses jewelry to make the outfit pop and create a lasting impression with more personalized and bold pieces.

Many traditional styles are back, but with a modern flare, says Libby Page,’s market director, who has stocked up on unusual colors and design settings showing pearls under a new light. “At, we have seen a 50 per cent increase in searches for jewellery over the last year, as our customers gravitate towards a more clean and modern approach to dressing,” adds Page.

Jewelry has become the go to accent piece to finish off that perfect outfit, whether it be a beautiful evening dress or leggings and a sweater on the sidelines watching your kids games.

Chains in a choker or shorter necklaces are back on for 2024. Every recent jewelry designer is including chokers and shorter necklaces, especially the fashion houses.  We saw Uma Thurman in a Chopard stranded choker made from rubies at the Cannes Film Festival, and Margot Robbie wore a pearl choker at the Barbie premiere. These trends are front and center for 2024. We saw multiple chokers at the Grammy's this year as we see in Forbes best Grammy's jewelry, both Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa is shown with stunning chokers highlighting their gowns.

A new trend is taking charms or pendants and wearing them on thicker velvet ribbons as chokers. You can use tryout charms or purchase a bolder charm to be worn on a ribbon.

Jewelry inspired by creative art is at the front of the line interns of new and innovative jewelry design. For example, our new wrap collection where diamonds are wrapping around the finger and the wrist like a spinning dancer. Our designer is a trained dancer and created our wrap line to symbolize the beautiful movement of pirouette turns. Taking the art and moving it into the design of jewelry pieces is creating the most unique and out of the box jewelry we have seen in years.

The "double diamond" or "double stone" rings are soaring in popularity. For engagement rings, Audrey Nicole Diamonds calls it the "union of two", symbolizing the coming together of the couple. Celebs have helped in the surge of double stone rings, as we see  Megan Markle, in her two stone ring. The double diamond makes a statement and is a new flare to engagement rings, anniversary rings, or a unique gift for your special person.

More than ever jewelry and fashion are one and the same. We see the runways filled with not only clothing but the key to the outfit's success being the jewelry. Consumers are considering their jewelry collections prior to choosing their outfits. 

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