New Jewelry Trends with Bold Color and Rainbow

Color is king for todays jewelry trends. Charms and medallions with color and meaning are essential to your jewelry choices. Jewelry that represents everything from spiritual to sentimental meanings to pieces that are connected to your purpose, strength, luck, love and projection continue to fill our designer's collections. Jewelry is more than just a chain or a bracelet, it needs to have purpose, to represent something important to you. 

Our mission behind the AG brand is to to help and empower women in need, women whom have survived trauma or hardship. We are donating with every purchase to make our mission happen. Our designer says, "we are not just selling jewelry, but we are making an impact for women in need, empowering those who have had tough or tragic times. I love using bold color in our designs to highlight growth, excitement, vibrance, and a positive future!"

Color is one of the strongest trend in todays jewelry collections and it is not going away any time soon. Pieces just keep getting bolder, more vibrant and optimistic as we look towards a brighter future, especially with what we have lived through and the hardships we have encountered during the pandemic. Rainbow colors have never been more on trend than they are right now. From the fashion runways to the desks of high powered execs, colorful jewelry and rainbow accessories are making a huge impact on people of all ages around the world. 




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