New Trends in Engagement Rings for 2023 and Beyond

We've seen a huge increase in custom engagement rings and anniversary rings lately—with more and more clients requesting the double stone engagement rings they are seeing on top celebrities. Double stones using a radiant and a pear for example, with a big move toward lab grown diamonds mixed with colored stones (such as: pink sapphires, emeralds, or blue sapphires) are becoming more and more popular when it comes to engagement rings and anniversary rings.

Clients are taking to the premise that the double stone visually showcases the coming together of two people as a couple. They feel a love story is being told through the two stones in one ring.

While it seems the new "double stone" style is just recently become a hot design, it's actually an engagement ring that has been around for centuries. The ring is referred to as a "Toi Et Moi" engagement ring, which symbolizes togetherness, but also showcases the stones paired together and accentuates the beauty of each stone as they are set side by side.

And while the three-stone ring has been around for quite some time too, it is seeing a bit of a popular trend with with engagement rings. The message is that the three stones represent the past, present, and future for a couple as they grow into different phases of their relationship and grow as a couple.

As we want to have artistic expression and creativity in our designs, the double and triple stone rings allow our clients to design exactly what they want to represent their special relationship with not just one stone, but two or three--not just a simple setting, but a setting designed with the customer to make it unique and different. 

While delicate dainty rings are still on-trend for engagement rings, we are seeing more and more women moving toward bolder, chunkier styles that are making more of a statement and symbol of their relationship with diamond solitaire rings, multi-stone rings, and diamond eternity bands singular or multiple stacked.

We are seeing the vintage stones and heirlooms from grandparents or loved ones being used in modern and traditional custom settings to create beautiful engagement rings with a story and memory. These rings have an emotional attachment to a special relative or loved one, custom making the setting allows our client ability to make it their own while still having sentimental values the stone.

The surge of lab grown diamonds is not going to change in 2023, we are already seeing the requests continuing to rise. With the sustainability of lab grown diamonds and the lack of earth mining, combined with the cost being lower than mined diamonds, makes them a hot commodity.
Whether you choose a lab grown diamond, ethically earth mined diamond, or a cherished vintage stone or heirloom--making your ring your own and making a ring that fits your style and lifestyle is the most important component.




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