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Real But Afforable Jewelry

Since the pandemic consumers do not want costume or "fake" jewelry. Our customers want to spend their money on genuine real gold jewelry that lasts. If they are purchasing a statement piece or joyful small pieces to increase their jewelry collection--"real" is where it is at. What's trending are special pieces to be passed down to relatives and friends. Designers are creating fun and cheerful options instead of cheap costume jewelry, pieces crafted in 14K and 18K gold. We have created our enamel line, which is a combination of enamel and gold chains, all to meet the needs of our customers who want a fun and easy everyday piece or a gift for a special friend. Our latest enamel bar necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are chic, stackable, and light on the pocketbook. They are elegant and easy to wear, they look great stack with more enamel, with tennis bracelets or chains.

Small hoop earrings and huggies hit the jewelry scene a few years back. Small diamonds inside and outside small hoops keep the pieces affordable, real, and an everyday must. 

According to Cosmopolitain--"As the name implies, huggies are usually small hoops that *hug* your ears for an option that wraps around your lobe without dangling. While plenty of huggies range in size—the idea is that they work as a simple, unobtrusive earring that can be worn on their own or layered into more of a statement look, including a subtle way to channel some 2024 jewelry trends." 

If you have one piercing or multiple, huggies are a must for your jewelry needs and they are affordable in real 14K or 18K gold. Bring lab diamonds in the mix and the price is even better. Our lab diamond inside outside hoops are some of our best sellers in white, rose, and yellow gold.

Thick hoops or huggies are a new trend for this year. They can be small or large gold hoops, a staple for every wardrobe. A great gift for a friend or a treat for yourself are any of our enamel and gold jewelry pieces or one of our many huggies or small hoops




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