Spring Trending Jewelry

Jewelry trends are seen on the runways from Paris to LA, but the individual consumer and organic influences make a big impact too. Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry have become highly intertwined, consumers want "real" jewelry that they can wear everyday to the office, carpool pickup, go to kids sports, the beach, nights out, and formal events. 

As we are locked in the middle of a cold and blustery winter, we see the glimpse of sunshine, spring flowers, and fashion. Consumers are looking for jewelry pieces that can withstand the seasons, be versatile enough, fun and functional for all activities and lifestyles. Classic jewelry never goes out of style, but every season one particular style stands out over the rest--this season, it is again the "tennis necklace" that is stealing the show in the fashion shows and for the organic and consumer influences. Right now tennis necklaces in "lab grown diamonds" are the most popular due to the sustainability, ethical considerations, and overall lower cost. Our head designer wears one nearly every day, no matter what she is doing--anything from working, meetings, golf, pickle ball to nights out.
Pearls are in season, whether they are white or black Tahitian pearls, they are here to stay. Paired with a white t-shirt or a sexy gown, pearls cover you on the most casual day and on the fanciest of occasions.
Adding in the continued trend of bright colors and rainbows for both men and women. Our rainbow sapphire and diamond eternity band which is very reasonably priced is popular for our male and female customers. Layer the rainbow eternity with a thin micro-pave stacking eternity band on either side and it looks fabulous.


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