New Engagement Rings Far From The Simple Solitaire

We are seeing the requests for engagement rings that are outside of the normal ring, unique and different to express personalities and love stories. For decades some have chosen an emerald or a blue sapphire engagement ring as opposed to a diamond, multiple diamonds, or single solitaire. We have now had requests for very bespoke designs that are far from the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. 

Our latest designs incorporate the requests from our customers using emeralds, pink sapphires and multiple stones. Our client recently told us she wanted to represent the union of love and hard work in her relationship for her anniversary ring, so she chose a double diamond ring with a thicker setting. The diamonds she chose were emerald cut and pear, with the pear slightly turned towards the center to show the union of the couple and a thicker gold band. The piece came out stunning and she loves it. 

Another example of the creativity and trends in our engagement rings is the latest creation of the emerald and diamond combination with a unique modern twist on the 70's thick gold rings. This emerald and diamond ring combination is becoming more popular among the 20-30 year old engaged couples and the 40 plus year old anniversary or engagement couples. "It is fun designing new and different engagement rings with all different kinds of love representation stories and creative ideas"--our designer, Sherri


We are working directly with our clients to eliminate the middleman and expensive brick and mortar markups--all virtually or in person, so they are essentially dealing directly with the manufacturer. Our customers generally have an idea for their ring or have seen a version of what they want in a store or on social media. They bring their photos and creation ideas to us and we work with them to bring their ring or piece of jewelry to fruition. 

Remember, your engagement ring or anniversary ring will be looked at and worn everyday, so you want it to be perfect for you and your lifestyle, along with being a representation of your love and relationship.






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