Tennis Anyone? A Must-Have Fresh Spin on the Traditional Tennis Bracelet

The line of diamonds was once called the line bracelet back in the 1920's with a straight row of diamonds or colored gems. These bracelets have been popular throughout the 20th Century with changes in settings, stones, and designs.

In the 1978 tennis tournament, Chris Evert lost her line bracelet while playing on the court, she actually asked to stop play to look for her diamonds. From then on it was termed  the "tennis bracelet" and has had many variations in terms of the clasps, the settings around each diamond in the line, along with the size and shape of each stone. 

2022 brings loads of tennis bracelets with a twist on the more traditional settings with 4 prongs around each diamond, thicker or thinner gold, and a continuous clasp filled with diamonds so the line of diamonds is continuous. 

The tennis bracelet has moved to the neck, hence termed the "tennis Necklace" which is the hot item right now for everyday and elegant evening attire. We all saw Nick Kyrgios sporting the gorgeous 19 karat tennis necklace during the finals of Wimbledon this year.

Our designer says, "the tennis necklaces are my favorite pieces in our collections. I wear one to three daily, layering different lengths and widths of the diamonds strands. I created a tiny invisible setting that allows you to see the diamonds only. While our other settings are chunkier so you see much more gold. They all make me feel fabulous, so I rarely take them off!"




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