The Start to our AG Brand and Collections

Our head designer, Sherri, has been designing, casting, setting diamonds, polishing and finishing unique jewelry for herself and friends for years. Mixing colored gold, adding diamonds, beads, gemstones, and more to create unique and different looks. She loves the combo of yellow, white, and rose, "mixing color makes gold feel more layered and natural, and gives you a more versatile look depending on what and how you wear your pieces. Creating a collection for yourself in multiple colored golds allows you the freedom to stick with one color or layer them according to your mood or outfit." 

The mission behind the brand is to help and empower women. With 1 out of every 3 women experiencing trauma—Female domestic, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse along with sex trafficking are serious problems in our society—we all need to band together and make a difference. We are donating a percentage of every sale to help women, these funds will go to non-profit organizations that assist these women women who have survived trauma get their lives back. Please joins us, purchase a piece for yourself to make you feel great or a friend or loved one. Let’s make a difference together.

Our first piece in our collection came to fruition when Sherri wanted a thick gold band with diamonds that she could wear swimming in the ocean, on the sidelines of her kids games, and out for an evening with an elegant outfit.

"I was on a plane coming home from a work trip and sketched what I thought was the perfect ring--timeless, yet hip, and could be worn anywhere and everywhere. The next day after work I fabricated a wax pattern, decided where and how to place the diamonds, going back and forth on size and diamond location to find the perfect combo for the overall appearance. I took the wax to casting, set the diamonds flush so they would not be intrusive to daily tasks, and began the polishing and finishing process. I realized the slick finish was too boring, so I lightly hammered the surface, polishing and finishing the 18K gold to exactly the look I wanted--chic, fun, and unique." 

"When the ring was complete, my initial thoughts were:  too big, too thick, and it will bother my other fingers--well, I was incorrect, it was perfect and super comfortable. So many friends and work associates gave me positive comments on the ring, asking to have one made, and encouraging me to move forward to start the brand. I finally got the courage to start the AG brand, which we have just now taken live. I hope you enjoy and try out some of our pieces."

We hope you explore our collections, they are made form the heart. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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