Trend Report: Pave Diamonds, Chunky Chains, Charms, and Charm Enhancers

This winter fashion season has designers finding new ways to elevate the traditional chunky gold-chain necklace. Jewelry designers are taking this classic chain look look and embellishing it by adding micro-pave embedded links, incorporating a single or multiple diamond links.  Taking the everyday gold links and adding connectors, charm enhancers/carbiners, for fastening the oversized chains with diamond and pave diamond links and connectors.  Attaching chunky and meaningful charms on the links adds an element of personalization to represent your individual vibe or fashion trend. Whether worn with a crisp white shirt or with an oversized blazer and blouse, the embellished and contemporary chain bracelets with gold accents and accessories take this season's fashion to a whole new level.

Look through your jewelry, combine styles and colors to create your personalized look for the season. Think multiple strand pearls, vibrant chunky rings, layers of crafty beads are back, bangles, and, yes, even body jewelry — especially anklets, and more specific, diamond tennis anklets! The same goes for chunky gold jewelry we saw in the 80's and early 90's, from heavyweight chains and thick choker necklaces to substantial jewelry of all kinds and especially lab grown diamonds.

The completely sustainable and responsible lab grown diamonds are the craze right now, they are continuing to monopolize the marketplace. They are "real diamonds" grown in a lab, not underground. They have the exact chemical makeup as mined diamonds, but grown perfectly in the lab. Check out our newly completed lab diamond collections.       







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