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Pink Sapphires are moving to the top of the consumer's choice list for jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings are pretty in pink. According to the New York Times, "there is a passion for pink in fashion; in politics, with a pussy hat from the 2017 Women’s March; and in diamonds, like the 10-carat pink diamond that the rapper Lil Uzi Vert had implanted in his forehead — and then removed — earlier this year." 

Pink sapphires have many positive aspects, but one of the most attractive beyond it's natural beauty is it's strength. Pink sapphires are second behind diamonds in terms of strength and durability, which contributes to their popularity. When a customer is thinking about a colored gemstone, the question of strength and durability comes up. Emeralds and aquamarines are strong stones, but more fragile than the pink sapphires. 

Due to their strength, the pink sapphire can be cut with precise and sharp edges on the facets which created vibrant light distribution. Not only does the pink sapphire have an extremely feminine flare, it glistens with varying hues when light hits it from different angles, revealing light to dark shades of pink with every movement.

We are getting more and more requests for engagement rings with pink sapphire accent stone. Making the move away tradition of a diamond center stone is becoming more and more common and the option of pink sapphire is more popular than ever. 

Sapphires can be heated to enhance their color. When deciding on a pink sapphire, the natural, unheated pink sapphires are more valuable and more expensive than the heated sapphires. Our pink sapphires are sourced in Sri Lanka and Madegascar.

What are the costs of pink sapphires? They are about 60% to 70% less than earth mined diamonds. Pink sapphires can be a bit more costly than emeralds, partly due to their dramatic increase in popularity over the past 1-2 years. If an emerald costs $3000, the same size pink sapphire will be roughly $3300-$3400. This is attractive when it comes to selecting the center stone of your engagement ring. With the pink sapphire, you get a strong stone and the cost is much more favorable than a diamond.

Color is one of the most impactful elements in the jewelry and fashion industry. Color sets the stage for the feeling and mood of consumers which drives consumer behavior and ultimately sales. In fact, studies have shown that color affects 85 percent of purchases. With this in mind, Pantone, the global color authority, recently introduced their Color of the Year for 2024


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