Tri-Color is Back--Use it to suit your style!

The late 80's and 90's was a time when tri-color jewelry was hot. Everything from the Cartier Trinity bands to mixing the three colors of rose, white, and yellow gold chains and charms. Classic designs are timeless and always come back in style, but your pieces should have something current, fun, and unique going on – after all, jewelry should add a touch that makes you feel special, beautiful, and shows your personality. Combine your gold colors so your jewelry makes your overall look come to life.

"Layering is the look right now:  wear a bracelet with your watch, put all of your necklaces on at once, mix gold colors, and most of all have fun with your accessorizing. If your watch is stainless steel, add some rose and yellow gold bracelets. "I like to encourage my friends and customers to choose pieces that are striking and beautiful alone, but can also be worn in groupings and with multiple gold colors to change up the look and make it personal." (our designer)

Take the current trends and create your own personal style. However you accessorize, make it your own, be confident with your choices. The mixture of rose, white, and yellow gold is the new trend, take this and incorporate it into your style. We love the mix of small tennis bracelets in rose, white, and yellow gold coupled with a tri-color micro-pave cuban chain bracelet. You can add stacking rings in rose, white, and yellow to finish off the look. 

Use the tri-color trend to bring out some of your older jewelry and make it current by adding a few new pieces that blend with the old. Most of all, have fun with the return of tri-color.



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