With the Return of the 70's Tennis Necklace, How do I Find the Perfect Tennis for Me?

A part of every jewelry collection today should be the tennis necklace and bracelet – a sleek line of diamonds and an essential piece that can act as an accent to a white t-shirt and shorts or an ingenious yet simple highlight to an elegant gown. The tennis necklace was known originally as the ‘line necklace’, it refers to any collar-length necklace fabricated with a sequential line of stones creating a single strand of diamonds or precious gems made for the neck or wrist.

How do we choose the tennis necklace that is just right when there are so many options out there? From afar they can look the same, put up close there are many variations in setting style, size of diamonds, cut of diamonds, and overall look. Our designer wears 1-3 stacked tennis necklaces daily with her casual and more dressy attire. “We are making tennis necklaces in all shapes and sizes, what ever your preference we can make it, but the most important feature is how and where it lays on your neck so it does not flip," our designer (Sherri) explains. The tennis necklace should lay low enough over your collar bones to stay put, if it is too short for your anatomy, it will flip. You can test this by trying on the necklaces and making sure they are long enough not to flip – so they lay flat and stay contemporary yet elegant. Sitting on the décolletage just where you like it, whether you are seeking a classic diamond style or colored stones. "I love tennis necklaces because they are a cherished forever piece that can be passed down to loved ones."

Our clients love the versatility of his tennis-necklace and our various designs. These necklaces become a part of your everyday look and you end up never wanting to take them off. "I wear mine every day, rain, shine, workout, or no workout--and yes I wear them playing gold and pickleball--they are perfect balance between luxury and everyday wear. We have a newly designed three prong setting and a four prong traditional setting for our clients to choose from depending upon their personal preference,: says Sherri.

Both tennis necklaces and bracelets can be graduated tennis in diamond or gemstone size. A newer trend that varies from the classic straight line is the graduation from small to larger to smaller again as it cascades around the neck. The combination of layering graduated and straight is a popular current trend among all ages. The choker tennis necklace that can be adjusted with a small chain on the clasp makes a great versatile option to move from a tight 14.5 inch to 15-16 inch when lengthened. 

Calling all colors--emerald, pink sapphire, blue topaz, blue sapphire, rainbow sapphire, ruby and more are the feature for tennis necklaces and bracelets, allowing the wearer to express their personality and unique style with colored gemstones. You can pick your favorite diamond shape, size, gemstone color, and cut to make the perfect tennis necklace for you!




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