Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

How to Choose a Wedding Band that Compliments your Engagement Ring and Fits with your Lifestyle

You've already said "yes" and you love your engagement ring—how do you pick the right wedding band? Your engagement ring receives all of the accolades with it's newness and representation of your love story, while the wedding band is the piece of jewelry that you will wear most. You want your wedding band to work well with your lifestyle and last with styles changing. There is much to think about when choosing a wedding band, do you want diamonds, a gold band, a diamond eternity band, a colored gem eternity band, or something else?

Some tips to make the process easier:

1. Early Planning

Make sure you think about the wedding bands early on and don't wait until the last minute prior to wedding day. Too many times, the engagement ring take precedence and the wedding band gets forgotten. Think early for both you and your partners wedding bands. to assure that you both get what you want and rings that fit your lifestyle and activity levels.

2. Complimentary Rings

When shopping for your wedding band, make sure you have your ring with you--especially if you are online. You will be able to see what compliments your engagement ring and what does not. Always visualize the two rings together and the wedding band solo. Some people want the two rings to fit together perfectly, while others want them only to compliment one another. There are many times that you will want to wear just your wedding band. 

3. Fit Your Lifestyle

Just how active are you and will the ring fit the activity level? Will the ring withstand your everyday life? Do you workout, play sports, use your hands at work--will your ring withstand your daily routine? Make sure that you find a ring that will hold up with your activity level, so you are not continually having to take your ring in for repair. Sone settings are more durable than others and most rings come with a variety of settings to choose from. You may want to design the perfect wedding ring or take one of our collection and modify it so it is just right for you.

4. Size Matters

Choosing the accurate sizing is important when it comes to the fit and comfort of your wedding band. You may want to wear your ring 95% of the time and rarely remove it--it has to be a size that fits your finger when your finger swells after exercise, during cold or hot season changes, during pregnancy, or flying on a plane.  Make sure you size your finger at all different times so that you are assured to have the correct size for you.




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