Fall Jewelry Trend Must Haves for 2023

While some of the fall fashions call for bringing in freshly trending pieces to your winter wardrobe, jewelry trends are different, and can be recreated with pieces you already own or by simply adding a few new highlights. This year, the Haute Couture Runways were covered from one extreme to the other, an exciting mix of ways to style earrings, necklaces, and more, from strikingly minimalist thin chained necklaces with petite charms to thick and layered chunky looks. 

Comfort and ease have become more of an importance when purchasing jewelry. We see this in the NEW "Stretch & Stack" craze which combines elegance with flexibility and comfort. Our designer says, "I have been looking for three years to find the perfect mechanism to create a durable and comfortable stretchy rings and bracelets. I finally found the manufacturer in Valencia, Italy. I am so addicted to these new pieces, I don't take them off. There is no need to worry about a clasp or any swelling of the fingers, they stretch on and off--and stretch with your movement and body changes! The best new addition this fall! We are the first to make lab grown stretch or expandable pieces."

While designers are stepping out, showcasing collections using trendy pieces like body chains and multiple earrings, others opted to pull back pieces from the past, bringing bangles and stud earrings to the forefront. Street style and funky aesthetics are applied to pearls and chains, going against most style norms. It also appears more casual and a "not so perfect" flare is the new trend for fall, mis-matching earrings and heavy stacking or layering.

Changing up the look with mismatching begins with the earrings--wearing studs mixed with drop earrings and not the same piece or pieces on each ear. 

Favorite tip--wear an earring set in one ear and completely different hoop, drop, or stud in the other ear. 

Why wear just one necklace when you can stack and wear all of your necklaces you own together? Even more than last season and last year, fall runways are filled with necklace and bracelet stacks to create a completely different and creative look to your wardrobe with your jewelry accents, almost works of jewelry art. Don't hesitate to build your necklaces starting with a season favorite, deep v-neck sweater or top to create space for your necklaces.

Fall brings bold earrings with either colored gemstones or diamonds and a combination of both, the bigger the better, for both daytime and evening wear.

Of course, we have the surge of lab diamonds hitting even the highest of luxury goods, Jean Dousset, the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier, presenting his lab grown diamond high-luxury jewelry line with a designated store in Beverly Hills. 

Rainbow jewelry is still on the rise, with rainbow sapphire tennis necklaces and bracelets at the forefront of fall fashion. They are whimsical, stunning, and make you feel amazing. Rainbow eternity rings with and without diamonds, bezel set or prongs set, stacked with other rainbow rings, diamonds, or gold are a must have for the season and beyond.

Bring out your old classic bulky chains or earrings and pair them with some new colored gemstones and diamonds. Don't forget the pearls, they are back, so take them out and put them in your stack. The look is funky pearls with diamonds inset into each pearl to give a tiny shimmer when worn. Our designers are working on gorgeous champagne south sea pearls with clusters of tiny diamonds that glisten from all angles. Coming soon!

One last trend is mixing metals. It started last year with the resurgence of rose and white gold. Now more than ever you should mix your rose, yellow, and white gold pieces together. Bring out your white gold and mix it into you stacks on your wrists, necks, and fingers. 

Most of all, enjoy fall and let your personality shine through your jewelry choices!





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