Beads, Color, and more Beads and Back in Style

From sparkly gems to soft round moonstones and styles that look like the ‘love beads’ of the ‘70s, beads are back and more popular than ever in different sizes, shapes colors and cuts.

Beads with charms or diamond bands are perfect to brighten up any outfit. You can wear them layered with other gold necklaces or alone with a pendant for a statement look on the wrist or around the neck.

These beaded wonders today are similar to the beaded bracelets you made at summer art camp as a kid and loved. Just with an elegant look of bright colors and gems. 

Chunky strands of pearls and precious stones also offer a more luxurious take on the trend. Even colored stone lovers can find a beaded piece that benefits their individual aesthetic via all-gold iterations or simple sapphires, emeralds, and ruby strands that work well to accessorize a casual or dressy style.




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